England Rush Genealogy

William Rush and prior generations, information not verified, thank you to Nicolette Kaye Gilbertson

1  Henry Plantagenet  b: October 01, 1206 in Winchester, Hampshire, England  d: November 16, 1272 in Westminster, Middlesex, England
+Elaeonore Baerenger  b: Abt. 1217 in Of Aix-en-Provence, Provence  d: June 24, 1291 in Amesbury, Wiltshire, England
.  2  Edmund Plantagenet  b: January 16, 1244/45 in London, Middlesex, England  d: June 05, 1296 in Bayonne, Pyrennes-Atlantiques, France
....  +Blanche D' Artois  b: 1248 in Of Arras, France  d: May 02, 1302 in Paris, France
....  3  Henry Plantagenet  b: 1261 in Of Grismond Castle, Monmouthshire, England  d: September 22, 1345 in Monastry of Cannons, England
.......  +Maud De Chaworth  b: Abt. 1282 in Of Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire, Wales  d: Aft. February 19, 1316/17
.......  4  Joan Plantagenet  b: Abt. 1310 in Norfolk, England  d: July 07, 1349
..........  +John De Mowbray  b: November 29, 1310 in Hovingham, Yorkshire, England  d: October 04, 1361 in Bedford, Bedford, England
..........  5  John De Mowbray  b: June 25, 1340 in Epworth, Isle of Axholme, Lincolnshire, England  d: 1368 in Constantinople, Turkey
.............  +Elizabeth De Segrave  b: October 25, 1338 in Abbey, Croxton, Leicestershire, England  d: Bef. 1368
.............  6  Joan De Mowbray  b: Abt. 1363 in Of Axholme, Lincolnshire, England  d: Aft. November 30, 1402
................  +Thomas Grey  b: 1359 in Of Heton, Northumberland, England  d: November 26, 1400
................  7  Thomas Grey  b: November 30, 1384 in Castle, alnwick, Northumberland, England  d: August 03, 1415 in North Gate, Southampton, Hampshire, England
...................  +Alice De Neville  b: Abt. 1384 in Of Raby, Durham, England
...................  8  Ralph Grey  b: September 09, 1406 in Of Heaton, Warke, & Chillingham, Northumberland, England  d: March 17, 1442/43 in France
......................  +Elizabeth Fitzhugh  b: Abt. 1410 in Of Ranensworth, York, England  d: Aft. 1445
......................  9  Ralph Grey  b: 1432 in Of Chillingham Northumberland, England  d: July 15, 1464 in Doncaster, Yorkshire, England
.........................  +Jacquetta  b: Abt. 1436 in Of Chillingham Northumberland, England  d: September 26, 1469
......................... 10  Edward Grey  b: Abt. 1477 in England  d: December 06, 1533
............................  +Anne Gower  b: Abt. 1492 in Of Standby, Yorkshire, England
............................ 11  Ralph Grey  b: 1529 in Of Chillingham, Northumberland, England  d: December 17, 1565 in Chillingham, Northumberland, England
...............................  +Isabel Grey  b: Abt. 1533 in Of Horton, Northumberland, England  d: Bef. July 11, 1582
............................... 12  Edward Grey  b: 1550 in Of Morpeth Castle, Morpeth, Northumberland, England  d: January 10, 1627/28
..................................  +Catherine Le Strange  b: Abt. 1552 in Of Hunstanton, Norfolk, England
.................................. 13  Thomas Grey  b: 1594 in Of Angerton, Northumberland, England  d: Bef. January 27, 1656/57
.....................................  +Annis  b: Bef. 1596 in England
..................................... 14  Frances Gray  b: 1620 in England  d: June 1667 in Machodoc, Westmoreland, Virginia
........................................  +Alice Moorman  b: 1622 in England  d: Aft. 1667 in Machodoc, Westmoreland, Virginia
........................................ 15  Ann Gray  b: 1639 in St. Georges' Hun, Maryland or in Westmoreland, VA, d: 1686-90 in Machodoc, Westmoreland, Virginia
...........................................  +William Rush  b: 1637-9 in Westmoreland, VA or in Bedfordshire, England, m 7/21/1652 in Machodoc, Washington Parish, Westmoreland, VA,  d: 1707 in Washington Par., Westmoreland, Virginia


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I finally scanned these papers in. I think there is at least 3 of us who
are descended from Crafford. Is there anyone else working on this branch?
Maybe we could split up the geographic regions and share sources. Michele


The first of Our Rush Family to the North American Continent was =
William Rush, a young man of Dutch descent, whom Sir Thomas Luntsford =
brought over with Thomas Terrell, John and Lawrence Washington and =
others. William Rush was the oldest of the group, being twenty years of =

They arrived in America in 1635 on the ship "Matthew" of London. =
Originally the Rush family were English Quakers. Another branch of the =
name, on coming to America, settled in Pennsylvania. Captain john Rush =
came to Pennsylvania in 1687 and his noted descendant was Lt. Benjamin =
Rush of Philadelphia.

While the Virginia branch of the name came to America a good many =
years before the Pennsylvania branch, it is believed that the two =
branches ran back to the same parent stock in England. Both of these =
branches were English Quakers and the names "William" and "Benjamin" =
apparently were the favorite given names of both lines.

William Rush, the immigrant, acquired lands on the Machodeck river in =
Westmoreland County, Virginia, in 1644, as evidenced by deeds found at =
Montross, Westmorland County, Virginia. It is of interest to note that =
the William Rush family resided in Washington Parish, Westmoreland =
County, this being the Ancestral home of George Washington, where he =
was born in 1732, and it is also interesting that in the will of =
Lawrence Washington 11th of March 1690, he describes a tract of land as =
having been partly acquired from William Rush.

William Rush married Ann Gray, daughter of .Francis and Alice Moorman =
Gray. Francis Gray came to America on the "Plain Joan." He was one of =
the first emigrants to Maryland, for in 1637 three years after Lord =
Calvert and his emigrants arrived he was living at St. George's =
Hundred, which he represented that year in the Maryland General =
Assembly. He continued to be elected to that Post until 1643. To =
sustain life in this New Land, he was a carpenter by trade.

Francis Gray married Alice Moreman in 1638. She was brought to this =
Country in 1637 by Capt. Thomas Cornwallis. The marriage application =
made by Francis Gray reads as follows: "Maryland, Nov. 26, 1638. This =
day came Francis Gray,carpenter, and made oath that he is not =
pre-contracted to any-other woman thanAlice Moreman Ut Supra. Signed =
Francis Gray."

Francis and Alice Moreman Gray moved to Virginia from Maryland ca 1647 =
and settled in Westmoreland County. They were the parents of two =
children, a son Francis and a daughter Ann.

Francis Grey died at Machodoc, Westmoreland County, Virginia in 1667. =
His Will was written June 7, 1667 and proved and recorded July 31, =
1667=B7 It reads as follows: "In the name of God Amen, I Francis Gray =
do make and constitute and ordain this My Last will and Testament in =
manner and form as follows:
I give and bequeath unto my loving wife, Alice Gray, and my son =
Francis Gray all my movable Estate, such as horses, cattle, hogs, to =
them and their heirs forever. I will and bequeath to my son, Francis =
Gray, all my land in this County or elsewhere, be it by bill of Sale, =
Contract, Patent, Purchase or otherwise, to him the said Francis Gray =
and to the heirs, male or female of his body, lawfully begotten to him =
and them to enjoy forever. In case of the failing of the said heirs of =
the said Francis Gray as aforesaid, then the said land to be equally =
divided between my daughter Ann Rush, the wife of William Rush and Ann =
Lancelott, the daughter of John Lancelott, for them to enjoy forever.

I appoint my loving wife, Alice Gray, full sole executor of this my =
Last Will and Testament, utterly renouncing other Wills and Testaments =
by me made.

In witness thereof I have here unto set my hand and seal this 7th day =
of June 1667.
Teste: John Ashton Mary Gardner

Francis Gray

In a deed dated 20 November 1658 Francis Gray deeded to William Rush, =
"because of the tender affection I bear to my daughter Ann," a tract of =
land containing 100 acres lying in the County of Westmoreland, =
Virginia, at a place called Round Hills, near the Machodoc river.

We do not know the marriage date of William Rush and Ann Gray. Ann =
could not have been born before 1639. If so, she would have been eight =
years of age when her parents moved to Virginia. William Rush born =
1615, would have been 32 years old. So if Ann married at sixteen years =
of age, as many girls did, the date would have been 1655 and William =
Rush 40 years of age, a May-December marriage.

William Rush II was born before 1666, and died 1708. He married a girl =
named Elizabeth. There is some evidence, but no proof, that she was a =
Hudson. William Rush II was a Quaker.

It is shown by his estate appraisement that he had at least two sons. =
The estate fell 1/3 to the widow under the law and 1/3 to "Will Rush =
the eldest son," which is conclusive that there was one other heir =
only, and that he was a younger son.

William Rush III was born before 1687. He was not a Minor when his =
Father's estate was settled in 1708. His wife was named Mary. One =
hundred acres of land was granted to William Rush III. In Spotsylvania =
County, Virginia on May 11, 1726 in the vicinity of Germanna Colony, =
Virginia. In 1734 the section of Spotsylvania County in which William =
Rush lived, became Orange County. Here he died in 1735.

His estate was administered by his widow, Mary Rush. No heirs are =
given in the estate record, but his sons were William, Crawford, =
Absolem and (handwritten James) Benjamin.

Crawford Rush was born in Orange County, Virginia ca 1730. The section =
of Orange County in which the Rush family lived became Culpepper County =
in 1749. In 1750 Crafford Rush married Mary Briles [Broyles). She was =
the daughter of Conrad and Margaret Briles (Broyles).
Crafford and Mary Rush moved to Randolph County, North Carolina, in =
1771. They settled on the Mt. Fork of Caraway Creek, a few miles east =
of the Conrad Briles (Broyles) settlement. In 1787 he bought 370 acres =
on Caraway Creek.

The children born to Crafford and Mary Rush were as follows: Isaac, =
Rebecca, John, William, Mary, Margaret, Elizabeth and Benjamin.
Crafford Rush died in 1799, Randolph County, N. C. His son, Benjamin =
Rush, and son-in-law Benjamin Milikan, husband of his daughter Rebecca, =
were administrators of his estate.
Benjamin Rush, son of Crafford Rush, was born in Culpepper County, =
Virginia April 19, 1752. He married Dorcas Vickery Jan.12, 1772. She =
was the daughter of Marmaduke and Elizabeth Vickery. They settled on =
the Uwarrie River, Randolph Co, NC.

Benjamin Rush had many parcels of land. His home place was on the tract =
of land he bought from Jonas Hoover (President Hoover's line) =
Administrator of Andrew Hoover in the year 1803. He paid $1,360.00 for =
it. It was on the main prong of Uwarrie River, up the river from The =
0ld Hoover Mill.

He also owned 20 acres on the south side of Uwarrie River, bought in =
1803 for $120.00. In the year 1801 he bought 150 acres and part of 150 =
acre tract for $100. He also owned 340 acres on Caraway Creek . In =
1803 he bought 50 acres on Caraway Creek for 50 Shillings.

The following children were born to Benjamin and Dorcas Rush:

Mary, born 28 Feb 1773, married Dr. Isaac Wright in 1792. Ten =
children were born to this union. Mary Rush Wright
died in 1846 and is buried in the Wright Cemetery "Mt. Pisgah" Blount =
County, Tennessee.

2. Elizabeth, born 3 Feb. 1775 (no data).

3Noah, born 9 Jan 1778, married Sarah Clark, the daughter of Col. John =
Clark. They were the parents of eleven children. Five of the children =
left North Carolina and settled in Indiana, Kansas and Arkansas. Noah =
Rush died May 6, 1870
and is buried in Mt. Gilead M. E. Church, Randolph County, N. C.

4. Azel, born 18 April 1780, married three times and fathered 15 =
children. His wives were: 1) Elizabeth Beckerdite (2) Mary White (3) =
Sally Young. He died in Indiana 30 June 1859 and is buried in Little =
Ridge Friends Graveyard, west of Fairmount, Grant County, Indiana. He =
moved to Little Ridge Indiana in 1849.

Azel Rush owned a plantation of 800 acres in Randolph County, N. C., =
also 108 slaves. The slaves were valued at one hundred thousand dollars.=
He became a Quaker and with their principles, he liberated his slaves =
in 1833.

His son, Henry Rush, made the following statement in an old record: "I =
have frequently heard my Father say we are of the same family as Dr. =
Benjamin Rush. Dr. Rush was either the first or second cousin of my =
Grandfather. Benjamin is a family name. I have a steel engraving of the =
Doctor. It is a singular resemblance to my Uncle Zebedee Rush and also =
looks much like my own Father."

Statement of Azel's son, Edward Rush:
"My Father was smarter than any of his boys. He was a great =
storyteller. He often spoke of the grit of his mother, (Dorcas Vickery =
Rush). He could not take a joke. He was tall and thin, light hair, blue =
eyes, autocratic with a strong voice. He was an old-fashioned religious =
Quaker. He came from Carolina in a wagon, bought a place for $600.00 =
an acre. He then went back and brought his three youngest children, my =
brothers, Henry, Noah and myself and our mother, Sally Young Rush). We =
boys drove a big 4 horse wagon while our parents drove a carriage."
Statement of Bernard McDonald 1897 ... "

"Azel Rush spoke of Dr. Benjamin Rush of Philadelphia as his cousin. He =
was also perhaps kin to William Henry Harrison and Zachary Taylor. He =
spoke of Wm. Henry Harrison as being a medical Student of his cousin =
Dr. Benjamin Rush."

5. Michael, born 28 January 1783 married Hannah Commons. 4 children =
were born to this union. Michael died 6 Apr 1855. He is buried =
Shepherds Methodist Church, Randolph County Virginia.

6.Reuben, born 16 June 1788, married Sarah Miller. No record of =
children. He died 8 February 1817, N. C.

7.Zebedee. born 16 December 1790, married Fanny Fuller, Twelve =
children were born to this couple. Zebedee died 9 January 1872 and is =
buried in the Concord M.E. Chuch, Randolph County, N. C.

8.Dorcas, born 24 September 1793, the same year Dorcas Wright, =
daughter of her sister, Mary Rush Wright, was born. Mary Wright was 19 =
years of age. Her mother Dorcas Vickery Rush, was 38 years old, exactly =
twice as old as her daughter, making her 19 years of age, when Mary, =
her first child was born: Dorcas Ann married Joseph Goss. Ten children =
were born to this union. Dorcas Ann died 15 September 1846, Jackson =
County, Indiana.

9-Benjamin, born 4 December 1794, married Peggy Richard. They were the =
parents of twelve children. He served in the Mexican War. He died Sept. =
2, 1854 and is buried in Washington County, Indiana.

10. Ninevah, born 4 April 1796, married three wives, (1) Miller, (2)
Isabella Hoover (3) Rebecca Ridge Prevo. Have a record of four
11.Bathsheba, born Aug. 2, 1798, married two husbands, (1) Enoch =
Andrews (2) Micayah Harris, no record of her children. She died ca 1845 =
and is buried in Missouri.

Benjamin Rush died in 1819 in Randolph County, North Carolina. He is =
buried at Popular Ridge Quaker Church, as he was a Quaker by Faith.

Rush References:

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Vol. 12 p. 67)

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Rush, July 1736).

Charles E. Rush papers (Descendant of Crafford Rush):

The Material of Dr. Deward Grissom (Descendant of Absolem).

Information from Mrs. John S. Heuss, Akron, Ohio (Descendant of =
Benjamin Rush, through Dorcas Ann Goss)

Information from Mrs. John H. Agee, Knoxville, Tenn. (Descendant of =
Mary Rush Wright)

Randolph County, N. C. Will Book II, Page 56: (Estate settlement of =
Crafford Rush)

Randolph County, N. C. Will of Benjamin Rush.

Information on these five pages was received by. Taye Ragon McLane, =
6901 So. 7th Street, Fort Smith, Arkansas from Mrs. Wray Smith (Doris =
Steed Smith) in December, 1972.


William Rush, b approx 1605 -15 in England, came to US on Ship "Matthew" in 1635.

........................................ Son:  William Rush  b: 1637-9 in Westmoreland, VA or in Bedfordshire, England, m 7/21/1652 in Machodoc, Washington Parish, Westmoreland, VA,  d: 1707 in Washington Par., Westmoreland, Virginia
...........................................  +Ann Gray  b: 1639 in St. Georges' Hun, Maryland or in Westmoreland, VA, d: 1686-90 in Machodoc, Westmoreland, Virginia
........................................... 16  William Rush  b: 1659-60 in Westmoreland, Virginia  d: 1707 in Washington Parish, Westmoreland, VA
..............................................  +Elizabeth Perry  b: 1663 in Virginia
.............................................. 17  William Rush  b: Abt. 1679 in Westmoreland, Virginia  d: 1735 in Germana Colony, Orange, Virginia
.................................................  +Mary  b: 1683 in Virginia
................................................. 18  Crawford Crafford Rush  b: 1720 in Culpeper, Virginia  d: 1799 in Randolph, North Carolina
....................................................  +Mary Broyles  b: 1734 in Orange, Virginia  d: Aft. 1818 in Randolph, North Carolina

 William Rush IV m Mary

had son, Crafford:

Crafford Rush m Mary Briles / Broyles of VA - Culpepper Co, VA

They had son, Benjamin:

Benjamin Rush, b approx 4/4/1752 or 10/19/1752 m Dorcas Vickory b 11/25/1755

They had son, Noah:


Noah Rush, son of Noah Rush and Sarah Clark Rush, was born in North Carolina in 1817, fifth of eleven children. He came to Lawrence County, IN and found rolling hills and fertile farm land there.

Noah married Elizabeth Elder. Their children:
1. George Washington, b 4/20/1839 in Raleigh, Randolph Co, NC, m #1 Lucinda Jones, #2 Mary Romine Lowry, b 2/6/1852. She had one son, Jesse Lowry. Mary and George married 7/7/1874 in Neosho Co, Erie, KS. They had 4 children. George d 10/1/1922, Mary d 5/1/1934, Erie, Neosho Co, KS. Both buried Shaw Cemetery.
(G-Grandfather of Betty (Myron) Rush, who lives in Iola KS. We met 7/1989 at my Grandparents, Maye and Wayne Rush. Grandpa was so happy to meet a cousin from KS!)
2. Sarah Perima (b 1840, d 1847)
3. Noah Webster (b 1843, d 1921 in OK)
4. James Zebedee, b 12/3/1848 in Raleigh NC, m Emma Florence Bohrer, b 9/1/1852. They married 8/22/1875 in Erie, Neosho County, KS,  d 1/18/1931. Had 8 children.
5. Martha Elizabeth (b 1851, d 1852)
6. William C (b 1853, d unknown).

Elizabeth died 3/24/1858 in Lawrence County IN and is buried at Springville.

"James Z Rush, 1/2 brother of Oliver P Rush" on back of left photo.
"N W Rush to D B Rush, his brother" on front of right one.
These were part of a group of photos that Grandma (Maye Rush) & Grandpa (Wayne Rush) had.
They were all in one frame and Grandpa said they were always hanging in the
living room when he was growing up.

Noah married 2nd wife Esther C. Hendrix, who was born in Randolph County NC, on 6/24/1858.
Esther had one son, William Fletcher Hendrix, b 1/12/1849, d.7/1929. William married Gertie Gray and they had 12 children.
Noah and Esther were married 6/24/1858.
Their Children:
1. Mary Ellen "Mollie", b 7/2/1859, m Rector, moved to Holdridge NB
2. John C, b 6/28/1861, m Laura "Emma" Wilson, b 7/15/1863. John d 3/5/1934, Emma d 3/17/1927, both in Lawrence Co, IN
3. Doctor B, b 6/28/1861, m Lydia Vest, moved to Chanute KS for health reasons; dryer weather.
4. Oliver P, b 11/3/1864, m Laura Hatfield, b 9/29/1870. They m 7/22/1888. Moved to Greene County, Bloomfield, IN.
5. Isabella C, b 7/22/1868, m Hannigan Rainbolt, b 11/1/1867. She d 2/16/1942 and he d 11/13/1949 in Lawrence Co IN, buried at Springville Cemetery.


Noah and Esther Rush, Indiana (We put flowers on their graves each year)
These were part of a group of photos that Grandma (Maye Rush) & Grandpa (Wayne Rush) had.
They were all in one frame and Grandpa said they were always hanging in the
living room when he was growing up.

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